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Captured by Mungu Feni F. Media team/ Westnile

The Northern and West Nile regions of Uganda are still recovering from 20 years of conflict involving the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The conflict resulted in the displacement of nearly two million people, the breakdown of rule of law, massive destruction of infrastructure, economic deprivation and widespread human rights abuses, including the use of child soldiers.

Since the LRA was forced out of Uganda in 2006, there has been positive progress towards peace and stability, but recovering from the legacy of conflict has many challenges. Many communities depended on aid during the conflict and now face high levels of poverty, low levels of literacy, and have few vocational skills or experience of earning their own living. Currently 49% of people in this region live in poverty – more than double the national average.

Impact on Education

The conflict in the West Nile region and Northern Uganda destroyed and shut down many schools and the LRA’s use of child soldiers disrupted children’s lives.

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